Natural products in organic quality need healthy soils, healthy plants as well as sustainable farms and clean water. This philosophy also corresponds to the Biohacking thought – We act sustainably.

Biohacks promotes a mindful relationship with nature, conscious use of technological progress, and openness to new scientific knowledge.



Our production partner has a high-quality infrastructure and pasteurizes our drinks using a special flash pasteurization process. This very gentle and value-preserving method preserves the original, fruit-typical taste and the natural ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, to the greatest possible extent.

In the production of our products, various certification regulations of the Demeter Association, the EC Organic Regulation and the guidelines of the Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) are observed. In addition, the production is certified according to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IFS (International Food Standard).


Biohacks pursues the claim to enable the shortest possible and environmentally friendly transports in the entire logistics chain. For example, our production partner sometimes processes the fruit into juice or puree on site before importing it, in order to save space and energy. In addition, there is cross-process quality assurance and permanent quality monitoring.

The quality management of our producer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This means it meets product safety requirements and helps minimize the impact of production on the environment. Regular audits by independent auditors ensure compliance with the guidelines. The entire supply chain can thus be traced back without any gaps.


Biohacks is committed to healthy products, bio-vegan nutrition, biohacking and responsibility for people and nature. Our commitment influences not only our actions, but also the selection of our service providers and producers. If you would like more information about Biohacks’ commitments and our producers, please use the contact form.