We focus on the fast-growing area of functional foods. Here, we develop and market vegan products in organic quality with high functionality. In addition, we communicate and promote the topic of biohacking with international nutrition experts and biohackers.

We want to help people reach their highest potential, both physically and mentally. To do this, we combine knowledge with data and technical tools – for example, in conjunction with an app.

Functional Food

The values of Biohacks follow the spirit and intention of Biohacking. When developing new products, we always make sure to use high-quality, preferably natural, vegan and certified organic ingredients. Customers will find high-quality alternatives to existing products in our brand and product portfolio.


Biohacking starts with nutrition. In our performance society, mental performance is the key to success. With our products we help people naturally to call up their maximum performance.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to implementing the latest findings in the product portfolio, we are working on the conception and implementation of a biohacking app. The app informs users about various topics in the areas of biohacking and nutrition. In doing so, we not only use the latest scientific findings. We also enable biohackers to generate and present content within their specialties. In addition, our users can use the app to scan all biohacking products, show the origin and effect of the ingredients and document the consumption.