Biohacks starts marketing of “Sleep & Well” for better sleeping

Biohacks, a supplier of high-quality functional food products, is expanding its product portfolio with Sleep & Well. The product combines proven natural ingredients such as lavender, passion flower or valerian with the sleep hormone melantonin. Thus Sleep & Well supports the natural need for relaxation and increases the own performance.

Research studies show that every second person suffers from sleep disorders. Those who constantly have trouble falling asleep or do not sleep through the night regularly will also feel the effects on their health in the long term. Sleep strengthens the immune system and repairs damaged cells. In most cases, medication is not a long-term solution. Accordingly, the demand for herbal and natural alternatives such as Sleep & Well is increasing.

“A relaxing sleep is of great importance for all of us. It is a precondition for us to achieve our optimal performance in our private and professional lives. Unfortunately, in an increasingly dynamic world, more and more people are suffering from sleep problems. With Sleep & Well we offer a product which, with a smart combination of active ingredients, provides a vegan sleep aid. Whether for late workers, party animals, frequent travellers or everyday heroes – Sleep & Well  offers everyone a sleep aid”, says Jonathan Sehlinger, founder and managing director of Biohacks GmbH.