Biohacks with the most successful business year in company history

Biohacks, a supplier of high-quality functional food products, looks back on a successful business year 2019. With new product developments and consistent marketing of the product range, Biohacks is increasingly positioning itself as a leading and strongly growing supplier of functional food products in Germany.

For over 26 months our product “Hang & Over ® has been available in the dm drugstore (almost 1,900 stores) throughout Germany. Since 3 years we have been successfully marketing other products as private label at Amazon. Awards such as the test winner in the Handelsblatt ranking make it clear that our products are well received not only by customers but also by experts.

Currently, 15 products are marketed on Amazon and in stationary trade. The functional food products from Biohacks are adapted to the respective life style of the customers. Whether it is simply tiredness or a headache after drinking alcohol, (Hang & Over ®) problems falling asleep, (Sleep&Well) or stress (Chill & Relax) – the Biohacks products for everyday problems are available on trading platforms such as Amazon or in stationary retail and on the European market.

“Biohacking is an important mega-trend. At Biohacks we have a wide range of products and promising distribution platforms in only three years after our foundation. We are moving in a huge future market and our ambition is to grow faster than the market together with our investors. Accordingly, we will continue to drive forward our product development and further strengthen our sales network”, says Jonathan Sehlinger, founder and managing director of Biohacks GmbH.